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ADP2000W Phthalocyanine pigment dispersing agent

ADP2000W 酞菁类颜料分散剂

Size:    Format:   Updated Date:2017/7/12 15:30:33   |

HD510C Smoothing agent

HD510C 滑爽剂

Size:53K    Format:doc   Updated Date:2017/7/12 15:30:32   |

ADP2000F Water dispersible agent

ADP2000F 分散剂

Size:53K    Format:doc   Updated Date:2017/7/12 15:30:31   |

ADP2000E Water dispersible agent

ADP2000E 分散剂

Size:53K    Format:doc   Updated Date:2017/7/12 15:30:30   |
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